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CDRsample response on COVID-19

CDRsample response

The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting all spheres of private and professional life and we want to let you know that CDRsample response contains an inclusive plan in place to ensure the highest level of our services is still intact.

CDRsample response will ensure the continued security and availability of our services:  For the duration of COVID-19, and as an extra precaution, we have checked and verified the availability of all our Technical Staff. For more information on CDR Sample status across all critical services, please visit: https://cdrsample.com/.

CDRsample response recognizes the importance of being able to respond quickly to rapidly-evolving situations like this epidemic, while maintaining uninterrupted service as a part of CDR Sample’s work continuity and our commitment to our clients.

Additionally, CDRsample identifies our most critical processes, human resources included, in order to mitigate any effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, and to ensure complete service delivery without any risk to the health of our community.

Hence, CDR Sample is proceeding with its services during the Corona Virus threat.

CDRsample response – business as usual

We continue providing our regular 24/7 services  to all engineers applying for Migration Skills Assessment, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Assessments, NZQA/IPENZ Assessments, NER, ACS and many others.

Our response also includes regular checking of the EA and other Assessment Authorities, to ensure they are also doing their regular work and to advise our clients on any changes or updates accordingly. Thus we consider it our obligation not to reduce or cease any of our services, so as to ensure all our clients meet their desired outcomes on time and proceed with their professional engagements.

Furthermore, we have engaged additional Technical Writers to ensure we can cover all the new cases, due to the recent surge of applicants – so rest assured that your case will be considered as well.

Have a safe day!

Contact us for further assistance with your Assessment:

e-mail: cdr@cdrsample.com

Or visit our website for more information on our CDR services.

Website: www.cdrsample.com


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