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Career Episodes Contents

The Career Episodes contents include the educational qualification and work experience for their selected field of engineering, from the applying engineers. The main body of the Career Episode contents consists of three engineering projects, which relate to the selected ANZSCO code, and are done within a certain period of time. These Career Episodes should provide the Engineers Australia with comprehensive technical information on the skills and competencies of the applying engineer. Hence, one has to display all relevant professional competencies in order to get your Career Episodes approved.

The following activities are eligible as Career Episodes contents: engineering project (whether during undergraduate or graduate course); workplace project; your current engineering position;

The basic instructions provided by the Engineers Australia include: English language used; the word count for each Career Episode is between 1500 words and 2500 words; Career Episode need to plainly demonstrate your engineering knowledge and skills; Career Episode should point out the personal role of the applying engineer; First person language is used; Also, you should number each paragraph in each career episodes.

Furthermore, Career Episodes contents need to be divided in four sections. The sections are: introduction, background, personal engineering activity and summary.

Introduction: approximately 100 words; the introduction must be in chronological order: dates and duration of career episodes; the location where it occurred; the name of organization; the title of position occupied by you.

Background: Provides information on your engineering activities and It needs to be around 200 to 500 words. The background contains the nature of the project and its objectives, the chart of the organizational structure with your position, and your duties.

Personal Engineering Activity: This section contains the detailed information of your work, and it is very important. Hence, this part of the Career Episode contents describes your personal work, and thus your personal competencies, which are essential for your application to be approved.

Summary: Contains all that is described in the above sections in about 50-100 words, including conclusion, achievement of the project goals and your roles and responsibilities.

If Career Episode contents are presented in the form and structure presented above, and if they represent the needed competencies of your selected ANZSCO code, you are on your way to a successful application!


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