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Use time efficiently during COVID-19 quarantine

COVID-19 quarantine

Using time efficiently during the COVID-19 quarantine is essential in order to be ready for your application deadlines. Most of the work has moved online, but it has, nevertheless, continued on many fronts. Additionally, the Engineers Australia has already confirmed that they are continuing with all their services, including Chartered assessments, and utilizing their network of over 100,000 members to adjust to the situation. Hence, a question remains on how to use time efficiently during the outbreak and quarantine measures implemented.

In order to use time efficiently you need to continue regularly with the tasks at hand. This means that if you have already started on any specific document, you should finalize it as planned and only then move on.  Skipping steps may only lead to information or documents missed, and your application rejected.

Have a to do list, especially regarding the supporting documents you need to gather for your Assessment, and follow it to the letter. As the list of documents to be prepared is almost always a long one, it is indispensable to prepare one for your specific case and follow it, so nothing remains overlooked.

Additionally, to use time efficiently during the COVID-19 quarantine, you need to stay in contact and update regularly on all the requirements, so you are aware of any changes on time. As supporting documents usually take most of the preparation time, due to sometimes having to rely on companies abroad, you should contact them as soon as you know that you will need their support. It takes time for them to prepare and send your supporting documents, and giving them more time to do that is prudent, if not essential in some cases.

Furthermore, assessing bodies, such as Engineers Australia, provide sufficient updates on each of their services, so the engineers can follow up on any changes. Hence, frequent checking of the standards of your application is highly recommended.

Reduce distractions to a minimum, so you can finish your main and supporting documents on time. As the deadlines are still the same, and each candidate is expected to follow them, you need to use time efficiently by eliminating the surplus in your environment and concentrating on the workload.

In order to support our clients, we continue providing our regular 24/7 online support to all engineers applying for Migration Skills Assessment, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Assessments, NZQA/IPENZ Assessments, NER, ACS and many others.

Have a safe day!

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