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CDRsample company, and our approach to our work and services

CDRsample company

So far we at CDRsample company have helped 1000 Clients to achieve their goals of successful migration skills assessment. We also helped our Clients with Stage 1 for membership and Stage 2 for chartered status with the EA as well other types of applications for skills assessment, membership and chartered status.

Please visit our website www.cdrsample.com  and see the services section from the top bar menu for details about our services. If the services you are looking for is not listed there, please write us an email on cdr@cdrsample.com as our newer services is still not listed on our website.

CDRsample company success is based on highly professional assistance with all applications types. We have in-house technical writers team who also have degrees in Engineering. When we allocate a Technical writer to a Client we take into account Technical writers experience and allocate Clients from the same Engineering field. This approach and an exceptional level of expertise bring positive results and 99% of our Clients pass the assessment on the first attempt. In about 1% of the cases the assessing organisation would ask additional questions and then we work with the Client and provide additional information to the assessing organisation, then the Client passes the assessment.

Difference between CDRsample company and our competitors

Differently from any other organisation that provides similar services, we take Clients with any experience level and make it to success with them. For this we have our research services and our less experienced Clients get a good chance for a positive outcome of their application even with a low level of practical experience. We have over 8 of experience in dealing with Client at all levels and Engineering professions.

We take our work and our Clients seriously and individually. Work we do is written using excellent professional English and free of any plagiarism (which is often a big issue when Client order services from our competitors). If you need a CDR or any other type of skills assessment for migration, membership or chartered status, please contact us today on  cdr@cdrsample.com and we will help you with your application.

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