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In this post I’d like to explain how we can help with your Stage 2 application for Chartered Status with the EA. We also work with other types of chartered applications but the Stage 2 applications with the EA is the most popular service we provide. Services we provide are explained in “services section” at the top bar menu on our website: https://cdrsample.com/

Stage 2 application process for Chartered Status is a complex process. There are 16 competency elements you will need to prove that you have enough experience in to become a Chartered Engineer.  During this process you will need to provide a lot of documentation as evidence of your professional engineering activity. The evidence you need to provide is summarised in the table at the following link: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/Chartered/Evidence-Matrix

As well, you should have a written description (Narratives) for each of these elements that demonstrate your proficiency and expertise in each of these elements. We in CDRsample can write the 16 Narratives for you.  The Narratives are provided to the EA in case you don’t have the required evidence or if you would wish to straighter your application. It is recommended that you provide Narratives for each element regardless the fact that you have the required evidence or not.

After the EA received our application (that also includes parts such as CPD and more parts we could help you preparing)  and  evidence  from you and this part of the process have been successful, the EA will call you for an interview. The interview includes the 15 minutes presentation about your experience. We can help you preparing your presentation.

Now, we have several years of experience in State 2 applications preparation and our success rate with Stage 2 Clients is very high.  So far we had about 70 Stage 2 Clients and all of them have been successful.  Please contact us on  cdr@cdrsample.com  and we will explain  how we can help you with your Stage 2 application.

An example of testimonials we receive from our Stage 2 Client

“I am glad to inform you that i have successfully achieved the CPEng status with EA after the interview. I am really thankful to you and your technical writers who have helped in achieving this goal.  I would definitely recommend my fellows for your services.” Client from Saudi Arabia.

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