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What to do if your CDR rejected by the EA

CDR rejected

When you write your CDR you hope and look forward to the positive outcome for your application. You invest a lot of time and energy for preparing your CDR in the best possible way. But unfortunately, after all this hard work your CDR still may be not successful with the EA. So, what to do if your CDR rejected?

First of all, what are the main reasons that the CDR may be rejected?

One of the main reasons for CDR rejection is that you have not provided enough information about your professional activities related to design. When writing Career Episodes, not only you need to specify what you have designed during the projects you worked on; you must also specify HOW you designed it. You need to say what the design stages were, what calculations you have made, what drawings have you made, what standards have you used etc.

Another common reason for CDR not passing the assessment is that activities you describe don’t really match the ANZSCO code you chosen to apply under. So, be careful when you choose the ANZSCO code and read the ANZSCO codes descriptions. The best source for ANZSCO codes descriptions in the following link:


When you write the CDR, also be careful with using reference materials available online. The EA are very strict about plagiarism and this is one of the common reasons your CDR can be rejected. The EA compare your application to other previous applications and to online sources.


What to do if your CDR rejected ?

In case your CDR was rejected, we would recommend using our services for reviewing and updating of your CDR. We have experience dealing with CDRs that didn’t pass the assessment on the first attempt.  We can review your CDR following the EA comments and make sure you pass the assessment on your second attempt. This would significantly increase your chances to pass the assessment successfully. Please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we will take it from there.

Also, we have a special plagiarism checking tool and our work is always prepared by professionals free of any plagiarism.


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