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CDR rejection reasons

CDR rejection

We noticed that recently the EA became even stricter with the CDR content. Now they would like to clearly see the design process described in your Career Episodes. EA asks for not just the list of things you have design but the details of “how you designed this”. Of course, the design had to be relevant to your profession and to the ANZSCO code you have chosen to apply for assessment under. Not following the above described principles is one of main reasons for CDR rejection.

What happens to Engineers that don’t have enough design experience? How to avoid CDR rejection.

If you don’t have a lot of design experience or mainly have design experience gained during your academic engineering studies, one of the options is to choose Engineering Technologist ANZSCO code instead of applying as a Professional Engineer. But many times, Engineers would prefer to apply as Professional Engineers as there is higher demand for these professions in Australia and other countries.

Another option to have a successful assessment is to use CDRsample services. We know exactly what EA require and when their requirements change, we adjust our writing style to the recent changes in EA requirements. This way we always produce documentation for successful assessment with the EA and other similar organisation for migration, membership and other purposes. This regardless the level of your practical experience.

If you are an Engineer who wished to apply for skills assessment for migration or other purposes, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com  If you have draft application, we would offer free evaluation services for you.

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