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Best source of ANZSCO code information


If you are in preparation of your CDR or NZQA (for IPENZ) application you have probably already came across the “ANZSCO code” term.  ANZSCO code is one of important things you must take into account when preparing your application.

ANZSCO code description provides information about what is expected from you to describe in your CDR (for migration and for membership with the EA) or IPENZ application. This is mainly applicable to Professional Engineers and you will need to take ANZSCO description into account as well as other guidance and instructions given in MSA booklet  / application guidance for your NZ skills assessment application). For Engineering Technologists there is on single ANZSCO code for all Engineering Technologists professions. (This ANZSCO is 233914).

What is the best ANZSCO code information source?

The best information source for ANZSCO code descriptions is Australian governmental web site given in the below link: Other information sources are usually copying this information to their web pages.


When you write your CDR or IPENZ application you need to take the ANZSCO description very seriously and cover the points given in your profession ANZSCO description. If you don’t do this, you then don’t have a very strong application and your CDR /NZQA application are likely to be rejected or you will be given a comment to provide more information related to your engineering design activities.

We in CDRsample deal with CDR, NZQA and other types of applications for almost 9 years now and always produce applications that are in full compliance with Client’s ANSZCO code. This and a high level of our Technical Writers experience and professionalism guarantees our Clients passing the assessment successfully.  We are available to answer all your questions at cdr@cdrsample.com and start working on your application today.

Please visit our website for more information an  www.cdrsample.com  and use a “contact us” form there.


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