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CDRsample new website

CDRsample new website: Welcome to our new web site! We have renovated our web site to help you navigating through it and find useful information about assessment with the Engineers Australia and CDR examples.

“CDR sample” operates since 2009 and since then we have completed hundreds of Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR) cases successfully. We assisted to Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Chemical, Industrial Professional Engineers and Engineers from other fields and categories (Engineering Managers, Technologists and Associates) with their CDR assessments. CDRsample new website helps you navigate easier through different sections and find useful information.

Last year we completed over a hundred CDR cases successfully and even more Engineers purchased our CDR samples to use as a reference and complete the CDR on their own. According to feedback we receive from our Clients, all applicants who used our services have passed the assessment with the Engineers Australia on the first attempt last year successfully.

This is our great satisfaction to provide high quality services and help people with their uneasy journey of immigration to Australia. We are more than happy when we receive a feedback from our Clients about success with their assessment.

CDRsample new website – what we are going to add to our website soon

Soon we are going to add more CDR samples for purchasing via our web site: We aim to expand our library with more Mechanical, Electronics and Civil Professional Engineer CDR samples as well as add Engineering Manager and Associate CDR samples. Check our website for updates and contact us if you can’t find CDR sample related to your field.

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