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Employment Evidence

Employment Evidence example

One of the documents you need to provide as part of your CDR to the Engineers Australia for migration skills assessment is the Employment Evidence. See paragraph 3.4 on page 15 of Migration Skills Assessment booklet. (The booklet you can download from Engineers Australia web site)

What Employment Evidence should include

This document has to include: company letterhead (including name and location details), date of document, name and status of author. Dates and duration of employment, title of position occupied and a brief description of duties / tasks / responsibilities.

Here is an Employment Evidence sample for your use.

The easiest way of getting the Evidence from your employer, is to write this letter by yourself and get your manager to sign it for you. Engineers who need to sign the tutor for a final year University project sometimes struggle getting such a letter from their Professor / tutor, so the advise is to prepare the letter themselves and then to get their signature on it. This worked for the author of this blog with the University project!

If you need any help with your CDR preparation or any part of it, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and we will help you with your CDR.


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