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Successful CDR Writing Advice – CDR Sample

When you are writing your Competency Demonstration Report it is important to pay attention to the general requirements that Engineers Australia would like you to follow when writing your Career Episodes. CDR writing is a tough process and if you do it yourself you might spend a lot of time to create a proper CDR.


One of these general requirements is the word count for the Career Episodes as whole and for each part of it as well. Majority of these requirements can be found on pages 19-20 of EA booklet that you can find and download from the EA website.


Career Episodes should not exceed 2500 words (minimum word count is 1000 words); Introduction and Summary should be around 100 words each. Background should be 200-500 words and the main part of the Career Episode – Personal Engineering Activity should be between 500 and 1000 words. According to our experience if the Personal Engineering Activity exceeds 1000 words it normally does not cause any problem with an application.


When you write your Career Episodes you should not overwhelm them with excessive technical details. For example, if you have made various calculations during your project work, you should not provide the calculations themselves but write what kind of calculations you have performed. For example: during the work on this project I have carried out flow calculations for x system etc.


If during the work on a specific project you have made design drawings, you don’t need to provide all the drawings within your application, one will be enough. Do list the drawings you have prepared during the work on a project, this is quite important. Also, do specify professional software you used for drafting the drawings, simulation, testing, project management etc.


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