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Plagiarism free CDR writing

Plagiarism free CDR writing

One of the main problems that engineers experience when writing CDR is plagiarism. This is not an easy task to find a company that offers a proper plagiarism check as part of CDR writing services.  Since 2009 CDRsample offers plagiarism free CDR writing services to all their Clients. This works successfully an as a proof to that – 99% rate of successful application cases.

Engineers Australia (EA) do check all applicants for plagiarism in their CDRs . They compare all new CDRs to CDRs in their database and also to internet sources. If EA finds a certain degree of plagiarism, they would revert to the applicant for explanations of what sources have been used to prepare the CDR. Then if applicant’s reply is satisfactory, the CDR is approved.

If applicant’s answer is not satisfactory, the application won’t be approved. Also there will be various scenarios for the applicant: He/she might be asked to rewrite a certain part of the CDR such as one or more Career Episodes and to adjust the Summary Statement accordingly. Or there might be a ban where the applicant will not be allowed to apply for migration skills assessment for usually 12 months.

To avoid the above you really need to choose the right company for plagiarism free CDR writing.

How CDRsample avoids plagiarism in CDRs?

We use a proper custom made plagiarism checking software that has been designed for us. We check content of every new CDR to all CDRs we have written in the past.  (Now we have database with thousands of CDRs). This software also allows us to check the new CDR against internet sources.

We also take Clients who have applied and plagiarism has previously been detected in their CDR and they were given a “second chance”. Usually such Clients would pass the assessment with the EA after using our Plagiarism free CDR writing services. If you would like a plagiarism free CDR, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com

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