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Our Assistance with IPENZ applications – immigration to New Zealand


Although the name “CDRSample” perfectly reflects our specialization in the preparation of migration skills assessment document records for those who want to live and work in Australia, the scope of our services is by no means limited to that. In the contrary, we have been helping engineers immigrate to New Zealand for quite some time now, and we actually developed a strong specialization in IPENZ applications with NZQA.

The institution of professional engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ) has specific requirements as to how to apply for skills assessment and we have carefully developed our document preparation procedure based on these requirements. We are not following a “one size fits all” approach for the development of competence demonstration documents, as we are employing a separate team of technical writers who have been specifically trained for this kind of work.

The membership classes that can be achieved are the chartered professional engineer, the engineering technology practitioner, and the engineering technician. We can help you succeed in your registration no matter which of the three categories you are going for, and we have enough experience and success in all three of them.

The way we work in these cases is by asking the applicants (our clients) to answer to a questionnaire that was specifically created to help us evaluate the adequacy of your work experience and education against the requirements of IPENZ. After this, we collaborate with you in order to fill in any gaps and ensure that every element of competency is addressed by the content. The content consists from two to up to four work episodes that present the work that the applicant has done in the context of a specific project.

After this is done, we help you fill in the KA02 form, correlate the clauses of the work episodes with the correct elements of competency, and present your experience in the most respresentative and enhanced way, raising your chances for a successful evaluation outcome. Proving our expertise in this field as well, we offer the same “money back guarantee” policy that we do for our CDR sample services, so you have nothing to worry about in that part.

If you have any more questions about our IPENZ competence-based membership services, feel free to send your message to cdr@cdrsample.com and our agents will get back to you with clarifications.

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