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A New EA Booklet Has Just Been Released

We at CDRSample.com stay in constant alert for changes in the requirements of immigration and skills assessment agencies. Engineers Australia has just released a NEW BOOKLET, and we have read it thoroughly from the moment that it was made publicly available in order to immediately adjust our processes to reflect the new requirements.

According to the new booklet, the plagiarism checks are now done more vigorously and more analytically. Engineers Australia specifically mentions their right to use specialized software for this purpose to locate applicants who copied material from published sources or other submitted applications.

CDRSample has already been using top-notch plagiarism checking software to address this requirement and ensure our quality of services for over a year now with great success.
To remind: Our company – CDRsample, is independent from Engineers Australia organisation. Our successful assistance to Engineers worldwide with their assessment is based on our knowledge and experience in this field.

Other than that, Engineers Australia requires more documentary evidence for those who want to apply in the category of the “Engineering Manager”, has added two requirements for the identification of “Accord Accredited Qualifications”, and has clarified the form of the submitted documents to avoid unnecessary confusion.

The new booklet is available here

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