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Links with all information for your CDR. MLTSSL list and more

moving to Australia

Today I’d like to draw your attention to information you need for Migration Skills Assessment with the Engineers Australia including the recent MLTSSL. You can find majority of information you need in the following link “Documents, firms and support links”.


Here is a link to ANZSCO codes descriptions for Engineers:


Before you start the immigration and the skills assessment process it is important to make sure that your profession is listed in  MLTSSL. MLTSSL is used to be  known as SOL.

And this is the link to MLTSSL 2018 from Australian government website.


The most important piece of information is the MSA booklet. If you are about to staring your immigration process and do your skills assessment, reading this booklet is a must. Please download it, it is the top link in our first link.

We, in CDRsample can help you with your CDR preparation from scratch. Alternatively, if you have written your CDR or only the Career Episodes, we can review them and improve them to fully comply with Engineers Australia standards. This would increase your chances to pass the assessment successfully on the first try.

Contact CDRsample  on cdr@cdrsample.com for quote. We also offer a free evaluation for people who have written the CDR or part of it themselves.

Our Website: https://cdrsample.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample


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