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CDRsample services improvement

We at CDRsample not only providing Migration Skills Assessment services but also continuously improve our services for  Client’s convenience. Now we have introduced new and cheaper payment methods:  HiXF and  XE.  As part of CDRsample  services improvement, we introduced more detailed explanations about each services we provide including CDR writing, Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications preparation, NZQA for IPENZ (for immigration to New Zealand); ACS and NER services.

For more information about each of our services please visit our website www.cdrsample.com , see the drop down menu from “services” on top bar.

New Payment methods

As part of CDRsample services improvement we introduced new payment methods. We have introduced, HiFX and XE do not have any transaction fees which means cheaper transfers when you make payment for our services. HiFX makes transfers from variety of countries including Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, US, Europe and more.  XE covers Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US, Europe. There an option to pay by debit card with XE and bank transfers are available for both.

Of course PayPal, our main payment method still remains in place, as well as Western Union and Bank Transfers. PayPal’s main advantage is that it works with almost every country and you can pay using your debit/credit card but the disadvantage is that PayPal’s  transactions are expensive.

Western Union covers countries that other payment methods are unavailable. If none of these common payment methods in not available in your country, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution.

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