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As part of our services in CDRsample we provide free evaluation in case you have prepared your Career Episodes or the entire CDR yourself.

How is free evaluation helps you?

Free evaluation would help you understand if you have included all necessary information in your Career Episodes. We have prepared over a 1000 CDR applications within almost 9 years of our business operation and hence have gained a lot of experience in CDR and similar applications writing. We know the EA requirements in details.

Many times one may think that he or she have included everything that needs to be included in Career Episodes but this is not actually so.  The EA requirements are sometimes vague and not straightforward to understand. As a result you may not include information that should be in your Career Episode and include information that should not be there instead.

CDR is an important step in your immigration process (or getting the visa type you wish for) and you must get it right. CDR application process is long and costly, and you really need to do it right in order to pass on your first attempt to avoid delays and additional costs.

So, if you have your Career Episodes ready or you are in the middle of drafting your Career Episodes, contact us for our free  evaluation services and we  will give you a free  advise on how to proceed with your CDR further.

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