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More Feedback from CDRsample Clients

CDRsample Clients

Every day, we at CDRsample receive “thank you” e-mails from our, CDRsample Clients across the world. They pass this difficult step of CDR writing using our assistance and come back to us with a feedback. We share some of their feedback on our CDR writing services with you below:


What CDRsample Clients write

“I’m glad to inform you that I got my Skill assessment result yesterday and it had been granted. Thanks a lot for your help. Really appreciate it.”  Client from Australia.


“Thanks for your great job,  I wish more and more success for your business”. Client from Egypt


“Thank you very much for the help you and your colleagues have given me this time. Finally, I wish you every success in your work.” Client from China


“Thanks, I’ve received your mail and I am working on the reply. I will be able to send you the complete responses tomorrow. I am pleased to be able to work with you guys; impressed with your service, attention to detail, promptness and commitment. Thanks for being here!” Our current Client


“Thank you very much for all support! I have received my outcome letter and all my experience was accepted by Engineers Australia” Client from Australia


“This is to inform you that I got my CDR approved by EA. Thank you very much for your help. You all did a great job. Best regards!” Client from Australia


“Thank you so much to you and to the CDR team. I was assessed as professional engineer with your help.”  Client from New Zealand


This is part of the feedbacks we received from our Clients during the last month.


If you need to go through migration skills assessment via CDR process and feel that you can use some help on this, please do contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com . we offer assistance for migration skills assessment to Australia, NZQA process for New Zealand, stage 1 and stage 2  applications for Engineers Australia and more. Please check out our services section – choose the services you are interested in from the  top bar menu.

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