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New MSA booklet

MSA booklet

Recently, in March 2018 the Engineers Australia has updated their MSA booklet. This booklet provides full guidance on Migration Skills Assessment application for immigration purposes. The MSA booklet should be followed when preparing your CDR or looking for any information regarding skills assessment for immigration to Australia purposes.


New  MSA booklet is available for downloading from here: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/For-Migrants/Migration-Skills-Assessment/MSA-StepByStep-Guide


We,  in CDRsample have the expertise and always follow the most recent EA requirements updates. We write CDRs that exactly match the Engineers Australia requests and follow their guidance thoroughly. This is the key to our Client’s very high success rates and a high Clients satisfaction level.


If you have decided to write a CDR on your own, first of all you will need to read the relevant information to your accord (if any applicable) and relevant to your occupational category provided within the MSA booklet. Then, if you need to take a CDR path, you will need to write your Career Episodes, Summary Statement and a CPD. Usually, if Engineers do this themselves, writing a CDR would take about 3-4 months, if you work on it during the weekend.


CDRsample can write a CDR for you much faster: Our normal services for CDR preparation take 3-4 weeks and this is including writing of 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement and a CPD. We also have Speedy services package: within this package we will complete the services within only 2 weeks.


If you need your CDR written for you, contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com

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