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CDR Design Experience in Career Episodes

CDR Design Experience

Engineers, if you are now preparing your CDR for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia or your KA02 form for assessment with NZQA (IPENZ) here are useful tips for your Career Episodes writing. The main tip is that your Career Episodes need to be based around your engineering CDR design experience that is relevant to your field of expertise and the ANZSCO code you are applying under. This is especially important is you are applying under Professional Engineer category.

CDR Design Experience importance on your Career Episodes

This means that of for example you are applying as a Professional Mechanical Engineer, you need to describe in your Career Episodes that you designed or redesigned major equipment, machines, lines or systems in a plant, defined equipment specifications, defined plant layout etc.

If you for example applying as a Professional Electronics Engineer you need to refer in your Career Episodes to designing of major electronics systems / control systems. At any case you need to check out your ANZSCO code description and cover as many competencies as possible from the list given in the ANZSCO code description.

If you suspect that you don’t have enough of major design experience, or if your Career Episodes are mainly based around experience gained during your University Studies you should consider applying as an Engineering Technologist. This Occupational Category is still in SOL list for immigration to Australia and New Zealand.

If you feel that you need assistance in preparation of your CDR or KA02 form or if you need a professional to check your ready application for compatibility with EA/NZQA requirements, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com

More free information and more tips on CDR / KA02 form preparation are available on our web site www.cdrsample.com (see Blogs section) and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample



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