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CDR Engineering Professions

CDR Engineering

If you are about to apply for Migration Skills Assessment with the Engineers Australia or for KA02 assessment with NZQA / IPENZ for immigration to New Zealand, you may find CDRsample services useful. This post will explain about most common CDR Engineering professions. Of course, having over than 8 years of experience of CDR writing field, we deal with all engineering professions.

We have profound experience in CDR / KA02 preparation for Professional Engineers and Engineering Technologist as well as for Engineering Managers and Engineers Associates.

We have 8 years of experience in CDR /KA02 preparation for the following major CDR Engineering  professions:

Civil and Construction Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Electronic Engineers

Industrial Engineers

Telecommunication / Network Engineers

Also we have sound expertise in CDR / KA02 preparation for Chemical / Process, Materials, Oil and Gas, Software, Agricultural, Biomedical, Naval Architecture, Aeronautical Engineers and many other fields.

Due to our vast experience in field of CDR / KA02 applications preparation, our success level is extremely high comparing to our competitors: 99% of our Clients achieve a positive outcome for their applications on the first try.

If you need more information about CDR preparation or would be interested in our services for CDR KA02 form preparation, please contact us cdr@cdrsample.com

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