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Useful links for moving to Australia

moving to Australia

Useful links for moving to Australia

If you are an Engineer who is thinking about moving to Australia; here is a very useful page that provides information about settlement and life in Australia from Engineers Australia website.


This link provides information about Engineers Australia membership as well as other useful information such as Australian Government online help, Australian citizenship etc.

Regarding the Engineers Australia membership also known as Stage 1 application for membership: This membership can promote you as an Engineer is a new country in terms of finding your professional work and finding a position that reflects your knowledge and previous experience. Membership with such a trustful organisation such Engineers Australia can become a major point of your CV.

What the application consists of

Application for membership consists of 3 Narratives and Summary Statement and additional documents you will need to provide as proof of your education and identity.  Application for membership process is detailed in the following link:


CDRsample is an independent company (we are not related to Engineers Australia) and we help Engineers with their Skills assessment for almost a decade. If you need help with your Stage 1 application for membership with the EA or any other type of skills assessment please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com

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