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Updates on CDR Sample Services

CDR sample

CDR Sample is ready with the new updates and further services to our clients.

We have added 2 new Mechanical Engineer CDR samples to our offer and website.

The samples are now available for purchasing and could be found here: https://cdrsample.com/cdr_samples/mechanical-engineer-cdr/

Additionally the CDR sections of all our available CDR documents will be upgraded soon and the CDR sample prices are going to be adjusted accordingly, starting January 2016.

This is the best time to purchase our approved and validated CDR samples and start working on your own CDR case.

Alongside with Stage 2 Assessment and our new work with New Zealand Qualifications Authorities (NZQA) and Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) the CDR Sample now offers a much wider range of services.

Our plan, covering all issues our engineering clients require and offering high-quality documents to provide the best possible assistance with a 100% guarantee of our services.

Thank you for your trust and feedback and contact us for a free CDR evaluation to start you application accordingly.

Email: cdr@cdrsample.com

Web: https://cdrsample.com/


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