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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 2.3 – part 2)

Summary Statement

In the previous tutorial, we looked into the first two indicators of the third element of the second part of the Professional Engineer Summary Statement document that is mainly focused on the application of the applicant’s engineering ability. Today we will explore remaining two indicators of the third element of competency entitled: “2.3 Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes.” If you missed the previous part, go back and check that first.

c.) Executes and leads a whole systems design cycle approach. (for a more detailed description on this one, check EA’s booklet)

Example: I created a scaled down version of the platform, in order to conduct additional tests that would help me ensure that the particular design offers adequate buoyancy for the carrying of the shipments.

Example: I pre-estimated what parts would be needed, and I also provisioned for the availability of the required tools that would be needed during the assembly procedure. I did this by studying the manufacturer’s parts diagram.

Example: I chose a railed platform design against the option of a legged one as this design was estimated to compensate the extra cost in a year, due to the fact that there would be no forklift involvement required for the positioning of the platform in front of the loading/unloading decks.

Example: Due to the nature of the crane, I had to design it while conducting tipping tests in the same time. This way I ensured that the crane would not cause any accidents while operating at the suggested limits.

d.) Is aware of the accountabilities of the professional engineer in relation to the ‘design authority’ role.

Example: During the buildings design phase, I acted as an expert consultant for the client, checking the drawings and ensuring that all aspects of the design were in full compliance with the project requirements. Based on these evaluations, I gave my approval on the designs, or submitted a statement for modification.

Example: As the Senior Designer in the project, I set three stages of design evaluation for the various designs (building, HVAC, plumbing). The first was a preliminary check conducted by me, the second involved the calculation of the generated forces in all elements in the designed networks, and the third was an individual simulation of the designed systems on structural and static forces analysis software, and fluid flow simulation tools.

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