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What the third and fourth narratives for stage 2 chartered assessment should include

stage 2 chartered

We continue in this article with narratives three and four that need to be prepared when applying for stage 2 chartered membership assessment.


The third element refers to “Responsibility for engineering activities” and focuses on the way you display a personal sense of responsibility for your work. Responsibility means that you appraise your actions or inactions, as well as the contribution of other professionals/colleagues to the proper execution of a task that you all participated in. The documents you may have produced during your work could be an evidence of the importance you show to following procedures and acknowledging the underlying responsibility. Mention these documents and how you have responsibly stored, revised and shared them in order to help team members improve and complete work. Additionally, you can describe situations where you have asked for peers’ review in order to improve your work or how you have helped colleagues to bypass problems.


The fourth element of competence is about the “Development of safe and sustainable solutions”. It addresses the obligation of the professional engineer to community for the delivery of engineering designs that respect the health and safety of the people as well as the environmental and financial requirements. An experienced and accredited engineer should be aware of the inherent risks and ensure that work is performed with respect to safety standards. Solutions provided should balance the financial and social impacts and enhance the longevity of the project. The above should be presented in this fourth narrative, focusing on the actual actions you took, such as job safety analysis, safety trainings, and relevant technical and managerial decisions.


Important notice to take into consideration is that each file should not exceed 700 words or be less than 500 words.


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