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What the first two narratives for stage 2 assessment for Chartered status should include

Chartered Status

In order to apply for Chartered Status you will need to provide (on top to the evidence documents you can provide) 16 Elements of Competency. These 16 elements are written narratives of the work you have undertaken and demonstrate your competence as an engineer. Each narrative should be approximately 500-700 words.


In this post we would like to explain the basic content of the first two elements.


The first element of competence to be covered is about “Dealing with ethical issues”. In this narrative EA expect to read how you have handled ethical dilemmas during your career; what you have done or have not done in situations where ethical accountability and credibility as a professional engineer were compromised.  Common situations that engineers have faced and usually describe in this element are client interests’ conflicts or suppliers’ pressure on executives during bidding processes. Details should be provided on the actual conflict that you have appraised, the way you reacted to this unethical situation and how EA Code of Ethics has contributed in recognizing the right from wrong.


The second element of competence is “Practice competently” and is related to the actions you take so as to develop and define your areas of competence. In this element specific description of the way you excel your expertise in your relevant engineering field should be provided. Whether by reading specific engineering literature or by interacting with experienced colleagues, or even through dealing with daily engineering problems that enhance your skills, this information should be included in the narrative. Important notice to also include the way you chose to keep track of the activities that you undertake and that enhance your professional development.


In CDRsample we have developed successfully the above elements for chartered  status applications and have a great experience in providing high quality narratives for our Clients.

If you have any questions about writing narratives, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com or using the “contact us” form through our website www.cdrsample.com

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