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New Services – CV preparation

CV writing services

CDR sample has expanded on its additional services, which now include CV writing or upgrade according to EA standards. We also provide services of writing of cover and motivational letters for our Clients.
This way we are hoping to further our cooperation with our clients and provide them with a full CDR package.

With our initial clients we have already received some very good feedback on our CV writing services:

“Dear CDR Sample Team,
I am satisfied with the updated C.V & Motivational letter.
Many thanks to you& your team. Again I appreciate your efforts very much.” – Client from Saudi Arabia

“The motivational letter is exactly what I wanted to say, but due to my poor English I could not. Thank you for your excellent work!” – Client from Cyprus

“Thank you for shaping the information I have sent into a neat CV writing package, I will surely recommend you to my engineering friends.” – Client from India.

If you need to bring your CV up to EA standards or write your CV from scratch, we are here to help you with this task. EA have specific requirements that you need to meet as part of the CDR requirements and it is important to meet these in order to pass the assessment on the first attempt. To find out more about our CV writing services please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com.

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