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What to include in your Career Episodes

Career Episodes

When you write your Career Episodes as  part of your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) you need to include basic information in it as well as details in regards to your professional engineering experience.

Basic information that needs to be included in each of your Career Episodes is information such as place of work, project title, country, project dates in Introduction section and project objective and list of your duties, hierarchic diagram etc in the Background section.

What to include is the main part of your Career Episodes

In the main part of the Career Episode, the “Personal Engineering Activity” you need to provide more details about your project. It is important that you write the entire Career Episode in “I” language: “I did”, “I designed” etc and describe your own part of the work done.  Of course  whatever you describe needs to be directly relevant to your profession and  ANZSCO code.

The core part of every professional engineering Career Episode is your design activities. You need to describe your design activities with details such as design stages and your role in these stages. What calculations you have performed including provision of sample major calculations and formulas used. You need to include the main design drawings, charts and graphs within your Career Episodes.

The Engineers Australia have only recently started to require details such as charts, graphs, diagrams, calculations within the Career Episodes; this new requirement  is not included in the MSA booklet. But according to our experience there has been a change in attitude recently as quite a few CDR came back with comment of “please include drawings, charts, graphs and calculations in your Career Episodes” and we are sharing our experience with you.

Still you also need to remember that maximum word count for Career Episodes is 2500 words; try to make it within this word count limit.

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