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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 2.2 – part 3)

Summary Statement

Today we finalize our tutorial on the second element of competency of the Engineering Application Ability: “2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources”. This is the third part of this element, containing examples on the four final indicators. If you are interested in the previous indicators, go back and read the previous parts first.

g) Analyses sources of error in applied models and experiments; eliminates, minimises or compensates for such errors; quantifies significance of errors to any conclusions drawn.

Example: While conducting the LED vs Halogen light experiment to determine which one was the most suitable choice for my purpose, I noticed significant deviations in the measurements. This was due to my failure to account for the ambient light factor which was randomly affecting the results of my experiment.

Example: I devised an experiment that measured the exact dimension of the nanogears using laser micrometers positioned in such a way, that a 3D model could be generated out of the data. However, the model was inconsistent, and I found the reasons to be bad calibration in one of the instruments, and the limited max output precision data of another.

h) Safely applies laboratory, test and experimental procedures appropriate to the engineering discipline.

Example: Before initiating the experiments, I ensured that there was enough safety equipment available in the lab for all the personnel involved. I ordered goggles, gloves, calipers, boots, and I submitted an official suggestion for lighting and ventilation system upgrade.

Example: I organized a training session about electric hazards prevention, so that the testing engineers knew how to protect themselves from the dangers of activated circuits.

i) Understands the need for systematic management of the acquisition, commissioning, operation, upgrade, monitoring and maintenance of engineering plant, facilities, equipment and systems.

Example: I installed a level monitoring sensor on the metal bar cartridges, so whenever it dropped below a certain level, a signal would be sent to the warehouse manager. This ensured the in-time refilling of the cartridge, and secured the continuous operation of the plant.

Example: I planned the upgrading of the electric motors network in the plant according to their position, max load, and connectivity importance. The motors were divided into five teams and whenever one batch was replaced, the rest would handle the extra load working at a higher rate, thus keeping the plant operational.

j) Understands the role of quality management systems, tools and processes within a culture of continuous improvement.

Example: I established a registration system for the arriving parts, so that whenever something was found to be defective, I could locate the vendor and batch number, and ask for a replacement part, or a refund.

Example: I fully implemented the ISO 14001 quality management requirements in the waste management system of the plant. Every existing system was judged based on the environmental protection criteria of the particular standard set.

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