How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 2.2 – part 2)

Summary Statement

Continuing where we left off from last week, we take a look into the next four indicators of the second element of competency of the Engineering Application Ability: “2.2 Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools and resources”. If you missed part one, go back and check it out first.

c.) Determines properties, performance, safe working limits, failure modes, and other inherent parameters of materials, components and systems relevant to the engineering discipline.

Example: To ensure the safety of the workers, I programmed a micro-controller to detect high operating temperatures from connected sensors positioned in key points, and perform auto-shutdown of the system until temperatures are back to normal range.

Example: I calculated the buoyancy and center of mass of the floating platform in order to develop the most efficient and safest lodge loading method.

d.) Applies a wide range of engineering tools for analysis, simulation, visualisation, synthesis and design, including assessing the accuracy and limitations of such tools, and validation of their results.

Example: I used MATLAB Simulink to test the system in software simulation level. I used the theoretic output data for comparison with the real data yielded by the lab tests on the circuit prototype.

Example: I managed to reduce the piping weight and cost by performing multiple flow simulation sessions in Solidworks. This helped lower the mass fraction through minor curve normalization in critical points.

e.) Applies formal systems engineering methods to address the planning and execution of complex, problem solving and engineering projects.

Example: I applied computer-aided verification of the customer’s feedback validity. I wrote a script that attempted to relate the ticket details with entries in the knowledge database before assigning the proper tag and sending the ticket to the customer service department.

Example: As the product would be the result of the collaboration of multiple teams, I set up a central dashboard with a kanban board designed especially for this project in our company’s cloud network. This helped track the progress of each task, and allowed me to relocate personnel to sectors that showed troublesome advancement.

f.) Designs and conducts experiments, analyses and interprets result data and formulates reliable conclusions.

Example: I designed an experiment according to which a set of product samples that featured different paint coating would be subjected to intense ultraviolet light for twenty minutes, thus emulating long-term exposure to Sun rays. This way, I determined the mean material decay rate in relation to the coating used.

Example: I used an acrylic replica of the actual hook to determine the stress concentration under polarized light. This allowed me to locate weak points where cracks could develop over time in industrial-grade applications.

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