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How Engineers Australia check your CDR application

We at CDRsample deal with CDR for migration skills assessment.  We don’t only deal with CDR writing but also would like to expand and cover topics that are related to your CDR application as a whole.

When you apply for migration skills assessment via CDR path and send your CDR application to the Engineers Australia they check it in the following way:  First of all they check the Summary Statement for presence of major indicators, especially these in the second part of the Summary Statement – PE2 “Engineering Application Ability”. This part of the Summary Statement is particularly important especially for Professional Engineers as it should demonstrate your design and design related abilities. Hence, when you write your Summary Statement make sure that you cover this part of the Summary Statement well and demonstrate as many indicators as you possibly can.

Then the assessor would check the reference paragraphs in Summary Statement and read the paragraphs in the Career Episodes that you stated are covering a particular competency. So, when you write the Summary Statement, make sure that you fill in relevant reference paragraphs.

After that the assessor would read each of your Career Episodes your CV and your CPD. Make sure that you enclose all relevant documents with your CDR application. Checklist is available in MSA booklet which you can download from Engineers Australia website.

In CDRsample we provide Summary Statement writing services. A lot of Engineers are very confused with Summary Statement preparation and it is the most challenging part of CDR application indeed. If you feel that you need help with your Summary Statement or with entire CDR, please contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com and our experience team will take care of you application.

More articles on various topics related to CDR application are available here https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample and here https://cdrsample.com/blogs/ Please notice that CDRsample is not related to Engineers Australia organisation at any way; we are two separate organisations.

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