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Engineering Technologist specialization


In CDRsample we provide CDR writing services to all Engineering Professions. This includes all Professional Engineering specialties as well as Engineering Technologist (ET) occupational category. According to ANZSCO code description Engineering Technologist “Analyses and modifies new and existing engineering technologies and applies them in the testing and implementation of engineering projects”.

Who is Engineering Technologist

Engineering Technologist is a specialty that includes quite few specializations: These specializations  are: Aeronautical, Agricultural, Biomedical, Chemical, Industrial, Mining Engineering Technologists. Link to all engineering ANZSCO code descriptions is below; Engineering Technologist can be found under “Other Engineering Professionals”.


This is important to understand that Engineering Technologists specializations are not limited to the above list. If you have studied for example Civil or Mechanical or Electronics to a technologist level, you should apply as ET, even that your profession is not falling into one of specializations on the list above.

The basic ET requirement definition taken from page 5 of MSA booklet is “The required academic qualification is an Australian 3 year bachelor of technology degree in engineering following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

The Engineering Technologist: Focuses on interactions within the system; Applies established engineering methods, techniques, tools and resources within the technology domain; Advances engineering technology”.

You can download the MSA booklet from Engineers Australia website: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/sites/default/files/MSA%20Booklet%20October%202019_0.pdf

Who else should apply as Engineering Technologist? If you are a Professional Engineer with limited experience, (such as case when all your Career Episodes are based on Uni projects) you should consider applying as ET instead of professional engineer. This would increase your chances for a successful assessment.

If your experience does not include a lot of design aspects and is more field based (doing field installation or maintenance), you have more chances for a successful CDR outcome as an ET rather than as a Professional Engineer.

If you have confusion about your ANZSCO code, and you don’t know what is the best choice for you, please contact us on CDR@cdrsample.com

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