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EA Chartered application: Element 7 explained

Chartered application

In this article we will focus on the seventh element of competence for the chartered application for  the  Chartered status with the Engineers Australia .

Element number seven refers to the codes, standards and rules you abided to during your participation in specific projects of your professional career. As the title “Meet legal and regulatory requirements” implies, you should concentrate on statutory, and not only, requirements you followed in order to achieve a safe, economic, durable and functional design.

You can refer to incidents that show how you have met the contractual terms.

Mention the relevant communication and assistance you received from the legal team of your company that helped you identify and assess the appropriate standards that needed to be followed. Other sources of advice you have referred to, such as local experts can and should be also mentioned.

Name the exact codes and standards; refer to possible Australian Standards you have followed or the link between the standards you followed and the relevant Australian ones; talk about your negotiations with local regulatory authorities for getting approval for your engineering designs.

Describe the documents you have drafted or revised, such as designs, contracts, BoMs, technical reports, data sheet templates and how you ensured compliance with the requirements as per the desired standards. Refer to the actions you too in order to protect intellectual property and compile professional and approved documents.

Quality standards (for example ISO) and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) regulations are also relevant to this element. Towards that direction you can mention relevant manuals you have read and/or relevant trainings you have attended.

Do not forget that everything should be very specific and not a general representation without clear reference to actual situations and actions.

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