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EA Chartered application – stage 2 assessment

EA Chartered application

Today we are going to talk about the 8th element of your EA chartered application titled: “Communication”.

This element, “communication”, requires applicants to demonstrate their skills in communicating and collaborating with the wider team, the project stakeholders and in general people involved in the project. The main goal here is to prove the ability of the applicant in engaging in dialogue effectively by presenting his/her ideas and comprehending as well the opinion and views of other interested parties.

The applicant should convince with the examples used that he or she is capable in communicating in the English language. Such examples could be; meetings he or she has participated in, presentations made, documents defined, and negotiations held, among others. Mention occasions that show your respect of the confidentiality obligations when negotiating or when you are conveying information.

For sure you must have had incidents that a different approach was put on the table and there were diversified opinions over it. This is a topic that should be included in this narration. Describe the ways you have intervened, explained the advantages and disadvantages and achieved bridging the differences. Analyze the way you have been a leader in similar occasions, and how you have managed with your words and actions to inspire and succeed an effective collaboration.

Of course there could be examples that you were also influenced by more experienced engineers, managers or non-technical staff when you were introduced to their point of view. Understanding, accepting and integrating alternative views with an outer goal to better serve the project goals shows your appreciation and definiteness of the power of communication and collaboration and therefore such events should also be included in the narrative.

Although the above summarizes the main points to be included in the eight element of competence for your EA Chartered application, in case you are in need of more specific instructions or you have questions that need a more adept answer, do contact us using the following contact details:

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