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CDRsample services for CDR and NZQA application

When you write your CDR for migration skills assessment with the Engineering Australia or prepare your NZQA form for the assessment with IPENZ for immigration to New Zealand it is very important to get it right. If you are not sure how to approach your application or way too busy for writing it yourself,  you may wish to consider hiring specialists to help you in this process. We in CDRsample work on CDR and IPENZ applications preparation for more than 8 years and therefore have a profound experience in this area.


CDRsample services for Clients:

During these 8 years we deal with all sort of Clients: from not experience fresh graduated engineers to mature specialists. We have dealed with a lot of applications where our Clients were sure that they don’t have enough experience initially and we helped them overcoming these and many other issues.


We deal with applicants from all Engineering Professions and we can advise Clients on right ANZSCO code selection in case you struggle with choosing the right ANZSCO code.  We can also give you an advice in situation your profession is currently out of SOL. This have helped many of our Client making it to immigration as otherwise they would have just given up.


In CDRsample we have range of Technical Writers from vast verity of Engineering Professions. This is to ensure that only Technical Writers that match our Client’s profession would deal with his application. This way we generate a case where a professional “speaks” to professional and the writer actually deeply understands what he writes about when prepared Client’s CDR.


We are providing highly professional services to Engineers and our success percentages are very high comparing to our competitors. In the same time this is our policy to keep prices for our services relatively low so every Engineer could afford hiring our services. If you are now preparing your CDR or NZQA application, please check us out and contact us on cdr@cdrsample.com  and be surprised how easy CDR / NZQA preparation will become.

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