CDR writing rules – beware of plagiarism

When you are writing your CDR, particularly the Career Episodes, you should follow CDR writing rules. One of the most important rules when you are writing your Career Episodes is to avoid any plagiarism. Even if you use any internet sources to find other CDRs or Career Episodes for reference, you need to make sure that you don’t copy and paste any content from there “as is”. All content you use needs to be heavily modified so that nothing from the original content appears in your Career Episodes.

When Engineers Australia receive you application, they compare the wording of your Career Episodes to their database and check if any content is same to previous submitted CDRs. The worst type of negative outcome you may receive from the Engineers Australia is a rejection on a plagiarism basis. In this case not only your application will be rejected, you will also not have a possibility to reapply with a new CDR for a period of time or even indefinitely. So follow these most important CDR writing rules and avoid plagiarism in your CDR.

You can find a lot of online plagiarism checking software. If you do use some online resources for information, do use plagiarism checking software to check if there is any plagiarism left in your Career Episodes. This will help you avoiding plagiarism from online sources.

If you order our services for CDR writing, we would never copy content from any online resources and any previous CDRs we have prepared. We also use specialist plagiarism checking software that allows us to check that your Career Episodes are free of plagiarism against online sources. Also, this software allows us to check content of your Career Episodes against all CDRs we have previously done so there is no way of plagiarism to appear in your CDR.

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