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CDR Engineers Australia – feedback from successful Clients

CDRsample helps Engineers Australia with migration skills assessment first step – CDR writing. Our services include 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement and CPD writing. Find more information about our services here: https://cdrsample.com/services/


If you already have your CDR written, we can check it against Engineers Australia requirements and suggest and make necessary improvements. Or, if you have Career Episodes ready but you don’t know how to write your Summary Statement, we can check your Career Episodes as well as generate the Summary Statement for you.


We provide CDR writing services for many years and have hundreds of successful Client from  all across the globe. See what our Clients have to say about our services:


Our Client’s feedback on CDR Engineers Australia

“Good day to you. I would like to thank you for your support; I have gotten the positive assessment from Engineers Australia two weeks ago. You and your team have done a really good job”. Client from Jordan.


“Thank you CDRsample team. You and your team have been a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your support in my application.  I will know the outcome of my CDR application and eagerly await a response from the Engineers Australia. Thanks again”. Client from Europe.


“I recently got my positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia. It wouldn’t be possible without your help. Thanks so much to you and your team! “ Client from Australia.


“Thank you again for your kind advice. I will proceed as per you and your Technical Team’s recommendation. Now I am waiting to receive my CDR assessment letter”. Client from Saudi Arabia.


“Thank you for the excellent job and your effort is highly appreciated. Well done CDRSample”. Client from Malaysia.


If you are writing your CDR Engineers Australia and have any questions about it or need help, please contact CDRsample on  cdr@cdrsample.com

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