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CDR for Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

Today, we carry on with the ANZSCO code description series. In this article we will introduce the Electrical Engineering Draftsperson for migration skills assessment and membership with the EA purposes. Same description would apply for immigration and membership with NZQA.

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson – ANZSCO 312311

The common attributes of this ANZSCO include the following: Assisting in electrical engineering research, design and manufacture of equipment, facilities and systems of distribution. Accordingly, Electrical Eng. Draftsperson is to prepare detailed drawings and plans of electrical installations and circuitry. Also they support the Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technologists.

Specific tasks and responsibilities will relate to the explicit work descriptions, so they are job dependent. These include the following: preparation of drawings, plans and diagrams of electrical equipment and circuitry, alongside with collecting data and performing tests and complex calculations, as well as charts and tabulations.

They additionally inspect the designs and finished products, to see if they comply with the current specifications and guidelines. In some instances they are accountable for installation, testing and calibrating electrical equipment, with special regards to safety measures and requirements. Finally, particular job requirements may ask for assistance with research and experimentation programs, although this is rare.

Specializations included for Electrical Engineering Draftsperson are: Electrical Engineering Design Draftsperson; Electrical Engineering Detail Draftsperson; Electrical Engineering Drafting Officer; Relays Draftsperson and Substation Design Draftsperson.

The skill level for Electrical Eng. Draftsperson relates to AQF Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma or Diploma (ANZSCO Skill Level 2) for Australia, and for New Zealand this relates to NZ Register Diploma (ANZSCO Skill Level 2). In order to be able to substitute the above formal qualifications candidates need to provide proof of at least three years of relevant experience. Please do take into account that some job posts require having on-the-job training.

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