Engineers Australia Chartered status process has changed

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Date: November 25, 2017

Engineers Australia chartered

Recently Engineers Australia has changed the process for obtaining the Charted Status for engineers at all occupational categories. This process used to be simpler and required from the applicant mainly to prepare 16 Claims that would describe his competencies and experience. Engineers Australia Chartered status process has changed and now would require taking few additional steps.

Where can I find out about Engineers Australia Chartered status?

You can find the information you need on Engineers Australia web site. You can use the following link to obtain information about Engineers Australia Chartered status process.

One of the new things Engineers Australia introduced at “becoming Chartered” process is the “Chartered Evidence”. The “Chartered Evidence” is the evidence you need to provide to Engineers Australia to prove your proficiency in 16 competencies in your occupational category  by providing them with  relevant  documentation as proof of your competency.

“Chartered Evidence” is summarised in the table in the following link:

If you don’t have access to documentation needed to demonstrate a specific element, then you should prepare a narrative as Chartered Evidence. You can write several narratives – each for covering a specific element.  Each narrative should be around 500 words if you cover only one element in a narrative.

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