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CDR for Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer

The following article in the ANZSCO series covers the Telecommunications Engineer attributes and their CDR writing for Migration Skills Assessment.

Telecommunications Engineer – ANZSCO 263311

The job description of a Telecommunications Engineer covers the following features: They are to design and develop telecommunications systems, devices and products. Additionally, they can also be nominated to work as: Telecommunications Consultant, and Telecommunications Specialist, and also Communications Consultant and Communications Specialist (ICT). During their work they are to monitor complex telecommunications networks and associated broadcasting equipment.

Telecommunications Engineer performs specific tasks within the allocated job descriptions. Some of the most important are to plan, design, build and commission telecommunication equipment, such as voice, radio, satellite and digital data systems.  Furthermore, the explicit tasks are to evaluate and procure new products and services; to ensure they comply with the laws and regulations of telecommunications systems; to establish fitting configurations of telecommunications hardware and software and ensure their performance is adequate; and also to prepare and be able to evaluate drawings, specifications and regulations for this telecommunication equipment.

Additionally, Telecommunications Engineer is charged with analyzing problems and requirements of the telecommunications systems, for instance:  determining the most suitable way to reduce, eliminate and avoid any existing or upcoming issues and to improve communications.  Finally, they need to monitor the telecommunications systems and conduct any preventive maintenance in order to avoid complications and performance failure.

Skill level required for Telecommunications Engineer should be equal to a bachelor degree or higher qualification. Additionally, relevant experience of at least five years and/or relevant vendor certification may replace the formal qualification requirements. In conclusion, and as is usual, additional on-the-job-training or more relevant experience may be required for specific job positions.

Link to Telecommunications Engineer ANZSCO code description is given below.


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