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Materials Engineer CDR

Materials Engineer

CDRsample ANZSCO code series has attracted a lot of attention and many engineers have asked for all relevant ANZSCO codes to be presented in our blogs. Hence, we are proceeding with the series and bringing forward the description of Materials Engineer and how to write a CDR specifically for this profession.

CDR for Materials Engineer – ANZSCO 233112

The most characteristic features for all Materials Engineers include the following: They investigate the properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials. Alongside with that they are to assesses and develop the corresponding engineering and commercial applications for such materials.

During the work Materials Engineer may be asked to perform more specific tasks, which relate to the job description and standards implemented. These include, but are not limited, to the following: they are to provide the monitoring process for the operations and maintenance of equipment, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency, but also to guarantee safe operating conditions. Material Engineers need to ensure the correct materials and equipment are implemented and that these are all according to standards that are currently put into action.

Apart from that Material Engineers perform diagnostics on any malfunctions to ensure unrestricted work and also to propose and implement corrective actions. They are to study the usage of the product, but also to take care of any pollution problems; they are reviewing plans for new products and also they are to recommend material selection in line with the design specifications and factors. Material Engineers are to plan and introduce any laboratory operations that will help develop new materials and fabrication procedures for new materials, and this is to accomplish production cost and performance standards.

In some cases a Materials Engineer needs to check and confirm with the manufacturers of materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, cements and elastomers. And this is usually conducted during the investigation and evaluation of materials suitable for specific product applications and so these can conform to the established standards and requirements. Finally Materials Engineering CDR should include information on reviewing the product failure data if it present. Alongside with that to implement laboratory tests to ascertain or decline possible causes, with the final action being their recommendation on how to resolve any such issues.

The Skills Assessment Authority responsible for evaluating the Materials Engineering is Engineers Australia with the required Skills Level 1.  This level of skill is proportionate to a bachelor degree or higher qualification. As is usually the case, some job descriptions and tasks require and include relevant experience and/or on-the-job training, which are in those cases required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). Finally, this may be follow by additional registration or licensing, which may be required in such instances.

The above duties should be described in your Career Episodes. Material Engineer CDR is one of these specializations where you don’t have to have the design related duties described in the Career Episodes because they are not very relevant to this profession. Instead you can focus on duties described in the paragraphs above and provide enough information to prove your competency.

In every CDR it is very important to provide Graphical Representation of your work and to include this in your Career Episodes. Graphical Representation can include graphs, charts, tables, drawings etc. These should be clearly marked and explained in your Career Episodes.  Importance of providing good Graphical Representation of your work applies to Material Engineers as well as to any other Engineering profession.

If you don’t have Graphical Representation to provide for your Career Episodes, we can include making good Graphical Representation within our CDR writing services. We have a draftsperson who has several years of experience providing Graphical Representation for our Client’s Career Episodes.

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