Industrial Engineer CDR Sample

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The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a junior professional Industrial Engineer. The three Career Episodes clearly describe duties and responsibilities held during the work on his University Engineering Projects. This CDR was successfully approved by the Engineers Australia at 2015.

The structure of this Industrial Engineer CDR is very clear; the author makes use in the sentences from Competency Elements from the Migration Skills Assessment booklet (the MSA booklet. This makes adaptation of this CDR example to your own CDR very easy and straightforward.

Before each episode there is a brief explanation of the responsibilities taken in the position described in the episode.


Complete Industrial Engineer CDR

Purchase the complete CDR including three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development. Purchasing the complete report is highly recommended, for better understanding of the complete work scope of writing of the Competency Demonstration Report.

Episode 1: Leading Industrial Engineer

In the first Career Episode the author describes his experience working on his graduation project. The main author’s duties working on this project were included but were not limited to:

  • KPI Data collection
  • Improvement of organisational management system
  • Designing each part of the project using engineering knowledge and taking into account inputs by using relevant design, applying appropriate computer design and simulation software
  • Design and implementation of process improvements.

Episode 2: Researching Industrial Engineer

In the second career episode the author took part in a big construction project. His duties combined design preparation with work on-site. His main responsibilities included supervision on all the structural works done on-site, organisation of supply of the necessary materials, workforce management, design of significant parts of the project, updating of the economical aspect of the project, etc.

Episode 3: Industrial Engineer

In the third career episode the author was responsible for a significant part of a big project. In this position, as well as in the previous he combined work on the design of the project with practical work on the construction site. His main duties included participation in decision making process regarding the project, design of significant parts of the project, work in collaboration with other specialists, supervision of the construction works on site and establishment of the work control procedures, organisation of workforce and work with suppliers, etc.

Summary Statement

In this summary statement all of the competency elements required for Professional Engineer are presented. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. The Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Continuing Professional Development

Includes professional courses, non professional courses and private study.