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Importance of choosing a correct Engineering category

Engineering Occupational Category

First thing to consider when you start preparing your CDR, is to chose the correct Engineering Occupational Category. In CDR applications Occupational categories are: Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Manager and Engineering Associate. If you choose to apply to the Engineers Australia as a Professional Engineer, first thing you need to check is whether your education and experience matches general description of Professional Engineering Occupational Category (OC).

Professional Engineer description is given on page 31 of the current (March 2020) EA booklet and should be referred to when writing your CDR. If your CDR is not matching this general description, the case will probably be rejected by the Engineers Australia. And we would recommend to chose to apply as an Engineering Technologist instead of a Professional Engineer if you don’t fully meet the criteria for a Professional Engineer.

As well, Professional Engineer should be meeting the criteria of “academic qualification is an Australian 4 year Bachelor degree in engineering at a University following 12 years of schooling or comparable education”. This and a more extended description for all OCs is given on page 5 of the EA booklet. (This booklet is also known as “MSA booklet”).

Same applies for other Engineering Occupational Categories: General descriptions for Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate and Engineering Manager are given on pages 37, 42 and 47 of the current (March 2020) booklet. You should always refer to this booklet when preparing CDRs for other engineering categories.

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