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How to Fill your Summary Statement (Element 2.1 – part 3)

Summary Statement

Another week has passed and it’s time for us to share the third and final part of the Element 2.1 tutorial with you. This part of the guide contains examples on how to fill the final three indicators of this important part of the Professional Engineer Summary Statement document. If you haven’t checked the two previous parts, go back and read those first.

g) Identifies, quantifies, mitigates and manages technical, health, environmental, safety and other contextual risks associated with engineering application in the designated engineering discipline.

Example: As the barrels containing toxic materials were stored in the warehouse and remained there for a period of time until their transport and disposal, I implemented an indoor air ventilation system that ensured constant and adequate air-flow and decontamination through carbon filtering.

Example: I strongly advised the recently hired oil pipe technicians to use no-spark wrenches while clenching the pipe sections. This limited the possibility for a fire accident when working on active /operating lines.

h) Interprets and ensures compliance with relevant legislative and statutory requirements applicable to the engineering discipline.

Example: I contacted the National Urban Planning agency to get informed about the requirements and documents that I should prepare in order to receive the permission to lay the foundations of the buildings complex.

Example: I managed to fulfill all legislative requirements without any delays, as my designs were already fully compatible with IRC (International Residential Code).

i) Investigates complex problems using research-based knowledge and research methods.

Example: As I had never encountered a plastic pipe leak inside a concrete wall before, I searched for tested and established problem mitigation methods on Google Books and also asked for expert advice in engineerings forums.

Example: I researched for all books tagged as “Geo-technical Engineering” in my University’s library, and I also asked for the advice of my lab professor on the technical implications faced with the building foundation layers.

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