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How CDRSample Ensures a High Quality of CDR writing Service

We at CDRSample like to be transparent as to how we set up our workflow and what exactly processes are followed. In this context, we would like to present you some key details that concern our CDR writing process. Here are the main steps that we follow with each of our clients:

Pre-evaluation of the case

During this first stage, our agents check the suitability of the category of application, the adequacy of the submitted credentials, and assess the work experience of the client. Based on the above, the stories that will be used for the three Career/Work Episodes are selected.

First phase of CDR preparation

Questionnaires that will help our expert technical writers prepare the Career Episodes are given to the client who is then expected to fill them out. Next, the answers are evaluated and more questions are submitted if deemed needed.

After all the key information is collected, the Career Episodes are written and then submitted to our team of experienced editors who check them thoroughly for any grammatical, punctuation, or syntactical mistakes. During this phase, the content is also checked for plagiarism using specialized tools.

Finally, our senior writers perform a last check on the files to ensure that they meet the criteria for a successful evaluation. After this is over, the Career Episodes are sent to the client for checking and approval. The client may ask for minor corrections, changes, or additions at this point.

Second phase of CDR preparation

After the Career Episodes are done, we enter the second phase of the CDR preparation which is the writing of the Summary Statement and the Continuous Professional Development documents. This is undertaken by the same Technical Writer that worked in the first stage of the case, so as to maintain a high level of coherence between all files of the CDR.

Again, the SS and CPD is checked by our editing team, and then by our senior writers before their submission to the client. After the files are through this stage, the client can check them and suggest changes or additions.

After the CDR is submitted

No case is considered “done” for us until the client is successful with the evaluation. That said, we remain by your side and ready to step in and help you in the case of a rejection. Should this happen, we prioritize the re-work of your case which is then undertaken by our most experienced specialists.

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