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EA Chartered: How to prepare and what to write in the fifth element of competence


In this post we continue with the description of narrative five that needs to be prepared when applying for Chartered membership. Today we are going to look into  the fifth Chartered  element  “Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders”.

The fifth element of competence to be covered is titled “Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders”. In this narrative Engineers Australia expect to read how you have handled project stakeholders (client, community, authorities, consultants, suppliers) in order to ensure that their short-term, medium and long-term requirements and interests are considered and respected accordingly.

What should you write in this element for Chartered application?

Describe meetings you have participated in, requirements you have discussed and actions you have concluded at; describe technical decisions you have made in order to satisfy financial limitations of the customer, environmental specifications of the surrounding community, safety standards of the contractor. You can also mention how you have interacted with the staff on site in order to convey information and achieve the required outcomes. Examples of how you have transferred or received knowledge to ascertain positive and responsible engagement in the engineering actions could also be included in this narrative (trainings you participated in or training sessions you delivered in order to transfer knowledge and expertise). You can refer to possible problems you had with the natives, such as language barriers, different mentality, or poor safety conditions, in case the project took place in another area than your own and point out the actions you took to overcome these barriers.

Do not just mention incidents where you interacted with the project stakeholders but focus on the issues resolved during these interactions and the techniques implemented that affected positively the expectations of the people attached to it.

Please do not forget the maximum limit of 700 words and the minimum limit of 500 words per narrative.

Should you have any queries regarding your chartered application you can contact us through our website www.cdrsample.com or e-mail us at cdr@cdrsample.com. Our long term expertise and our experienced staff enable us to provide you with our directions and advice for successful assessment.

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