Chemical Engineer CDR Sample

Chemical Engineer CDR Sample

The author of this Competency Demonstration Report is a professional Chemical Engineer with various work experience. The three episodes describe duties and responsibilities in positions held during over four years of work experience in the field of Chemical/Process Engineering. This Chemical Engineer CDR was successfully approved by IEAust at June 2009.

Part of relevant experience was obtained during the studies in the university – Episode 3 refers to the work on final engineering project, Episode 2 refers to the work in pharmaceutical company during the studies. Episode 1 refers to work in developing of a chemical project, after the graduation.

Before each episode there is a brief explanation of the responsibilities taken in the position described in the episode.

The CDR can be purchased in full (recommended, and a discount of 12% is given when purchasing the complete CDR sample). Having the complete report will provide the overall picture of the work scope. When payment is received the relevant document will be emailed to you in “Word” format within 2 days.

Complete Chemical Engineer CDR

Purchase the complete CDR including three Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development. Purchasing the complete report is highly recommended, for better understanding of the complete work scope of writing of the Competency Demonstration Report.

Episode 1: Developing a Chemical Industrial Project

The main responsibilities in this position were:

  • To manage and develop, to review, to analyze and to improve the diverse studies and design criteria of chemical processes in the Project. Including checking of PIDs, PFDs, BD, mass balance etc.
  • To evaluate and analyze the cost estimation and economic aspects of the project. To explore possibilities for investment and operational costs savings.
  • Additional activities in this position included coordination and provision technical information to environment inspection organizations, presentation of the relevant part of the project in meetings, taking part in decision making process, reports preparation and many more.

Episode 2: Technical Assistant of Control Engineering Team

This episode refers to the first professional employment in the pharmaceutical company. The main emphasis of this episode is made on demonstration of high learning ability, self professional development, work according to QA standards, preparation to FDA inspections, control reports writing, etc.

Episode 3: Work on the Final University Engineering Project

As a student of the Chemical Engineering department I, as part of a team, prepared a complete design of chemical plant. Work on the project continued for two semesters. As a starting point for the project I received the names of an initial reagents and the name of the final product. From this initial data I needed, as part of the team, to make a design of the project, which included most of the parts of common manufacturing project in the basic engineering stage: Mass and Heat balances, PFDs (Process Flow diagrams), PIDs (Piping and Instrumentation diagrams), data sheets, plant layouts, various calculations and etc.

Summary Statement

In this summary statement all of the competency elements required for Professional Engineer are presented. There are cross references in the summary statement to the relevant paragraph of the episodes, as explained in the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet. The Summary Statement is in complete accordance with the today’s requirements of the Engineers Australia.

Continuing Professional Development

Includes professional courses, non professional courses and private study.