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CDR Preparation – Step By Step… – Updates (5 year old studying projects)

CDR preparation

In the continuing work to improve on our services and according to a recent research we have conducted, with the assistance and continuous correspondence with the EA, additional conclusions have been brought to our attention regarding the CDR preparation and our ongoing services.

After said consultation with the EA we have been notified that CDR needs to have studying projects not older than 5 years.

This effectively means that we cannot use such projects (the ones older than 5 years) in the CDR preparation.

Starting immediately, all ongoing and future cases will be conducted according to this information and notice.

As a precaution measure and in the spirit of sharing all valuable information to all our potential client and engineers in need, we are notifying you of this important update.

We are always performing our work to the best of our knowledge and expertise and expect to provide our clients with a swift, but also highly accurate services.

Still providing CDRs with 99% of success and determined to keep it this way we will continue to provide you with guidance and support in your work.

For more information and further assistance contact us on

cdr@cdrsample.com or visit our website


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