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Stage 1 assessment


Start your CDR today with our C.I.P. (CDR Information Package)!

CDR Information Package: CDR Sample is giving away free handouts and guidelines for your EA assessment.

EA application process and preparation of a CDR is a time consuming endeavour with usually no guarantees of success. To facilitate the process with our experience and professional advices we have prepared a C.I.P. (CDR Informational Package) for you.
This is to provide transparency of our work and further information regarding the requirements and the EA assessment process itself.

In order to receive your free C.I.P. handout please follow us on Tweeter (https://twitter.com/CDRSample
or like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cdrsample), if you are not already our client.

To receive your free copy of the C.I.P. send an email to: cdr@cdrsample.com

Your CDR Sample Team!

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