Why you need a CDR Sample?

The purpose of this web site is to help Engineers who wish to apply for migration skills assessment with Engineers CDR Examples at CDR SampleAustralia by providing examples of Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR) and assistance in the CDR preparation. We also assist Engineers who wish to apply for stage 1 Competency Assessment for Membership with the Engineers Australia.

There are various CDR samples available on this web site. If you cannot find the CDR sample of your specific profession – please contact us and we will try to find an appropriate report for you from our database.

Our company is independent from Engineers Australia organisation. Our successful assistance to Engineers worldwide with their assessment is based on our knowledge and experience in this field.

CDR preparation and migration skills assessment is a time consuming process therefore it is important to get it right on the first attempt. We believe and it was also proven by our client’s exceptionally high success rate that our assistance is extremely beneficial and CDR samples available on our web site would be a very useful reference for Engineers who are preparing their own reports.

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Our CDR Samples

All our CDR samples were prepared by professional engineers from various Engineering fields. In all our CDR samples all the “units and elements of competency” required for the Summary Statement are represented in the Career Episodes. The main phrases and key sentences are underlined and in this way the adaptation of the CDR sample to your own CDR is straightforward.

Using our CDR samples as reference saves your time, makes your assessment with Engineers Australia much easier and increases the chance of your application to be approved by IEAust.

Please choose the CDR sample and click on the buttons located near the top of the page to see the detailed description of the report. In the future more reports will be available on our web site.

Summary Statement guidance is available from here, please scroll down to Summary Statement section.

Our Services – CDR preparation

We also provide assistance in CDR writing process. We have wide experience with preparation of the Competency Demonstration Reports for Engineers Australia approval. Now a great 30% discount is available for all our services.  Check our discounted prices here:

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Who we are

Our company is independent from Engineers Australia organisation and we don’t represent this organisation. We do assist Engineers with their CDR preparation based on our wide experience, deep understanding of Engineering practice and knowledge of the Engineers Australia requirements.

Success of 99% of our Clients with passing their migration skills assessment after using our services clearly demonstrates that our services are highly effective and beneficial for applicants.

Sample CDR Report for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report
Competency Demonstration Report Sample